Part 3: ... to innovation

International dictionary IV – will be focused on vocabularies connected with tools/technologies in industry. We will use ICT tools (quizlet, kahoot, etc.) 

Reportage 4 - The industry reportage - In the frame of P41 each Erasmus club will make a report with usage of ICT tools (video, ppt presentation etc). This activity is going to connect the young generation using the modern technology and their diverse views according local industry. We would like to find out how is the industry influenced by local conditions and location. The students will prepare the reportages and act in the reportages therefore they will experience a lot of new things.

Bulletin 2 - Summary of the second year project activities.The Erasmus Club will summarize all activities that have been done so far and add photos. The bulletin will be written in mother tongue, printed and distributed to pupils at school, parents and the local community and placed on the website.

Organising ordinary lesson with the project topic - "My company“. We will let pupils to try to establish own company. The goal is to prapre marketing, make a financial plan, merchandise products and make a plan how to sell them. We would like to strenghten financial responsibility ,literacy, cooperation, self- responsibility.

„My project experience“ – members of Erasmus club will summarize their view of the project. They will diseminate their experience via the presentation to the school and local community. They presentation can be done by any suitable way (poster, ppt, essay, etc).

Project photobook 2 – The international book of crafts for 21. century - the book will contain compilation of the description of using modern technologies from each partner country. The book will contain the most important kinds of industry in the local area of each country. Each Craft will be described in mother tongue and in English.

Sample lesson for young / inexperienced teachers - this lesson will focus on the reading literacy and it will be led by experienced teachers. The main topic will be "Financial literacy". The aim is to produce worksheets that will be further used as materials during the short term exchange C4 in Czech Republic.

The last short-term exchange of pupils took place in the Czech Republic,at the main coordinator´s school. The programme began on March 13 and finished on March 17. We had lots of interesting excursions, did plenty of project activities and enjoyed one another´s company. You can see the photos and programme here:

The project calendar for the next school year- it will be made due to good experience, it will contain photos from past two project years. The calendar will be as a leaving present for each partner school and will be produced by the main coordinating school.

Excursion 4 – Visit some technical high school or secondary school. The student will get overview of curriculum at the chosen school.They will also gain practical experience and insight into the technical field. They will have an opportuniy to meet student from the school in person and they will learn the information about the school.


Beautiful moments

In our gallery you can take a look at photos from our activities, short – term exchanges and of our project outcomes.