C3 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 10-2021 Career guidance

• Pupils from hosting school will introduce school and town to the guests
• meet colleagues from School Erasmus clubs from other partners schools meet penpalls face to face
• The project Crafts map- ,,Lithuanian part" (P 47)
• Presentation of " School Day of languages" -P 28 - members of Erasmus+ club will share their experience from this venue
• Members of Erasmus club will continue with keeping track in "Pilgrim Diary" (P46)
• All of the participants taking part in short-term exchange are going to visit Lithuanian local industry and also experience local traditional craft.
• Practical usage of international dictionary (P32)
• Pupils with their teachers will make "My Erasmus+ experience" collage. (P48)
• Exchange of handmade maps of industry (P 29) and organizing exhibition of those maps within hosting school
• Each partner´s school will write a report in own language for local press
• Participants of short -term exchanges will be also included to normal school flow, but there is no point to disturb everyday school lessons. The hosting school is completly responsible for organising the short- term exchange.

P32 - 10-2021

International dictionary III – will be focused on vocabularies connected with industry. We will use ICT tools (quizlet, kahoot, etc.). 

IN CHARGE: The coordinator of each partner school.The dictionary will be used in a practical way during the following short term exchange.
INVOLVED: Erasmus+ school clubs

P33 - 10-2021

Ordinary lesson III.
Organising ordinary lesson with the project topic - "Career guidance“. We aim at introducing career possibilities in local region. We would like to prepare a guideline how to find an apropriate school for individual student. We also aim on searching strong sides of student as a individuality.

IN CHARGE: The coordinator of each partner school
INVOLVED: Whole partners´ schools

P34 -- 10-2021

Sample lesson for young / inexperienced teachers III. - this lesson will focus on the reading literacy and it will be led by experienced teachers. The main topic will be "My influence in local community". The aim is to produce worksheets that will be further used as materials during the short term exchange C3 - Lithuania. Some teachers of each school will present them and show different teaching styles and methods therefore dissemination of materials and exchange of good practice will take place. Worksheets will be placed on the project website for long term usage. 

IN CHARGE: The coordinator of each partner school
INVOLVED: Whole partners´ schools

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Beautiful moments

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