P1 - 09-2020

The project planning calendar - It will be made due to good experience from the previous Erasmus projects. It will contain all project activities with the date of their start and their deadline, all coordinators´ meetings and short term exchanges of pupils, also each partner´s duties will be written there .The calendar will be placed on the project website and also sent to all partners in a printed version.

IN CHARGE: Main project coordinator (Czech Republic)

P2 - 09-2020

The project logo - designed by pupils and chosen by international voting. The logo will be used in all other project results and also will be used to decorate project products. The winner of logo competition will be awarded during the Short term exchange in Poland.

IN CHARGE: Main project coordinator (Czech Republic)
INVOLVED: Whole partners´ schools

P3 - 09-2020

Setting up School Erasmus Club - group of pupils and teachers who are going to work intensively on the project activities.

IN CHARGE: The coordinator of each partner school

P4 - 09-2020

Official inaugurating the project to pupils, teachers, parents and local community using ICT tools, mainly project website, distributing leaflets and presenting basic project information at local townhall. This activity will be connected with The European day of languages. Connecting the inauguration of the new project and new project partners with another public event is a good opportunity to make parents and friends of partners´ school from local communities.

IN CHARGE: The coordinator of each partner school
INVOLVED: Erasmus+ school clubs, whole partners´ schools

P5 - 09-2020

School project notice board - each partner school will organise a school project notice board containing all important project information for students, teachers, parents as well as other

IN CHARGE: Main project coordinator (Czech Republic)
INVOLVED: Erasmus+ school clubs

P6 - 09-2020

The project website - the main coordinator´s school is in charge of establishing the project website and communication project tools. The website link will be placed on all partners´ school website. The website is meant to be a organised project materials storage and also the main tool to check, fullfill and keep track of the tasks. 

IN CHARGE: Main project coordinator (Czech Republic)


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Beautiful moments

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