The school is situated in the village called Labunava.The location is nearly 12 km from Kedainiai, the center of Lithuania.


Kedainiu r. Labunavos pagrindine mokykla
Barupes g.2, Labūnava, Pelėdnagių sen.,Kėdainiu r., LT-58176
Telephone: +370 347 34248

Information about this partner:

The school is situated in the village called Labunava.The location is nearly 12 km from Kedainiai, the center of Lithuania.There are over a thousand years of deep cultural traditions and a lot of valuable cultural objects which have been formed in Lithuania.Our school is a modern, safe, open, democratic basic which provides quality education, educating the citizen, fostering ethnic traditions, eco living, applying the acquired knowledge and competences in a changing society.It facilitates students’ self-expression needs, health promoting environment and improves the provision of lifelong learning.Our students are aged 2-16.The school and kindergarten has got 300 pupils and 29 teachers who are qualified and motivated.Our school consist of 3 kindergartens,2 primary schools and basic school Our school has a good practice with school partnerships.Taking part in European projects motivates pupils to learn more about our country and partnership countries but also teachers to learn foreign languages and to use more Web tools for communication and also to make lessons more interesting in this way including European dimension into school community. It is our second time participating in a multilateral project and as the whole school, we are highly motivated and excited for this project.We were involved in 2 projects Comenius LLP-COM-DP-2013-LT-00081 „From story to story“ and Erasmus+ project 2016-1-PL01-KA219-026473_3 “ C. L.E.V.E.R. ”One of the main directions in our school is creative education of our pupils.So the school implements ethnic cultural traditions through music, theater, literature, art, games as well.Our school allows pupils to know about the history of nationality through various activities during the lessons and extra-curriculum activities.We have an opportunity to educate our pupils in a multicultural environment by using different kinds of tools. Some pupils come from the surrounding disadvantaged villages or rural settings.The school is also attended pupils who are at risk of social exclusion and live in the care of the local authority by getting regular social support with stationery, food and clothing, but all of them are very active in different activities and eager for this project.This project will give us the opportunity to continue the main theme for our school-tolerance. Collaboration between project partners will help teachers learn from each other, share knowledge and experience, learn more about new methods,develop methodological material suitable for children, set up a body of good practice and implement them in their schoolsThe headmaster will be responsible of administrative work about the project, she takes the major responsibility for budget control and time management; project coordinator at school takes care of dissemination of tasks and active involvement of as many pupils and teachers as possible.In this area our project team (5 teachers) is very strong and willing to share their knowledge with other teachers abroad.


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