Our school is located in Kamionki - a small village in western part of Poland, nearby Poznan.


Szkoła Podstawowa w Kamionkach
ul. Mieczewska 36, Kamionki , 62-023
Telephone: +48 61 22 76 040
Website: www.spkamionki.pl

Information about this partner:

Our school is located in Kamionki - a small village in western part of Poland, nearby Poznan. It was built in two stages - one wing in May 2015, two years later the second one. The school is modern, spacious and well equipped.There are almost 1000students and more than 80 teachers in school. About one third of the latter can communicate in English.As for students, they learn English since they start attending our school at the age of six until they reach Year 8 at the age of fourteen. In addition to that, huge majority of our pupils is able to develop their skills and abilities by attending numerous extra classes, organized both, by school and other institutions.Our school matches also disabled persons needs.

Our school cooperates with different institutions and organizations.Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN deserves special attention, as we are now in the midst of the procedure of naming school after Righteous Among the Nations.Furthermore, our school cooperates on regular basis with Kornik castle (supervising wide known Arboretum), Poznan universities, theatres, cinemas, local Marksmen’s society etc. We have also participated twice in EUROWEEK–an educational program/ seminar for students of all age and adult learner. It focuses in enhancing the English language and leadership skills of its participants. Furthermore, it is also developing the key areas of multiple intelligence that the students needed in this past- changing environment;cross-cultural, social and communication, intellectual and creativity skills. Workshops are led in English, by volunteers from all over the world.Last year we discovered eTwinning possibilities.We cooperated only with other Polish schools and we notice all the potential residing within this interesting tool.We are also enchanted by our students’ enthusiasm for it.They are literary craving for contact with peers from abroad.Our school’s location is attractive not only because of geographical features (proximity of Berlin, Puszczykowo wilderness, the National Park of Greater Poland, Rogalin palace and the old oaks’ preserve - the oldest is 800 years old, numerous lakes, castles and other historic places, including Biskupin borough, which is believed to have been a starting point of Poland’s history), but also in terms of traditional craft and modern technology. Our district is famous for its furniture manufactures, agriculture, confectioner’s trade, bee-keeping, brewing, fish-farming, all of which are well-rooted in history and tradition of this region. It’s also a leader of Polish modern technology, with cutting edge Solaris factory of buses and electrical buses and Volkswagen car plants.Our school has a lot to offer:stunning location and geographical features, throughout gripping craft, state-of-the-art technology, modern equipment and school architecture, to finish with extraordinary, open-minded, inquisitive and energetic students and teachers.We are more than willing to cooperate in Erasmus project.


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